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summer school workbook

Daily Diary: Dreaming About Money Instead Of Sheep

Hilarious. We started to do summer workbooks because I am SO FEARFUL of the 4th grade! I am just terrified that we are going to really fall behind. I got my 2nd grader a few as well so he would have…

Lady and the Blog

Named Top 50 Favorite Mom Blogs By Mom.Me!!

What a WONDERFUL SURPRISE!! I’m currently sailing between Puerto Rico and Grand Turk with limited email access. I’m talking LIMITED. I’m spending 99% of my day actually enjoying this vacation on the Carnival Sunshine with my family. I logged onto…

Boy at pool

Daily Diary: That Face

  We aren’t taking Caleb to pool much these days because it’s been brutal this week. We are planning on bringing him today because the weather isn’t THAT BAD. It’s just too hot for my little boy. I caught this…