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Can’t Get Enough Of This Smile

  My family went to a christening party this weekend while I was away on a business trip. I was so upset to miss this party and told my husband to keep sending me pictures of the kids having fun….

Daily Diary: Come Here Baby!! (VIDEO)

I know he is mine… but I get a kick out of this boy. Caleb refuses to crawl. He walks actually!! If we stand him up, my son actually walks. But crawling? Not interested. Here’s what he does instead.

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Daily Diary: Saying Goodbye To LA

I have so much to say about this trip – what a ride!! But I need time to get my photos and video in order. We came. We saw. We documented like crazy. The kids were TROOPERS with the time…

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Daily Diary: A Much Needed Pool Break

We are in LA – getting ready for our moment on the Muppets Most Wanted red carpet… err… press line with Suave Kids. I am so excited for my little ones!! This is going to be such an experience for…