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Daily Diary: Mr. Go With The Flow

There really is something to be said about third babies. I mean… Caleb gets thrown around town and lugged along as we try to keep a schedule for Natalie and Liam. Does he have his own nursery classes or music…

Tennis Lessons for Kids

Daily Diary: Tennis Lessons? Just Add It To The List

My daughter wants to take tennis lessons throughout the school year. I think that is such a great idea!! But I have to add that to her already existing long list of after-school activities. Honestly, I don’t think it’s possible?…

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Daily Diary: What Is This World Coming To? I Literally Give Up

  I saw this article posted on my Facebook feed this morning and naturally it caught my eye.  To sum it up, the Merriam Webster Dictionary has decided to include a new definition for the word “literally“.  So basically, humans…