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Heading To Painting With A Twist Today With Vitabath!

Have you ever taken one of those classes where you paint and drink with friends? I’ve ALWAYS WANTED TO!!!! I mean – this is like a dream come true for me because it’s been on my bucket list for AGES….

Daily VLOG: Liam’s Birthday Party

Birthday fun!! We finally had Liam’s birthday party and it was at a trampoline place. The kids were exhausted after it was done. Don’t make me take them there all summer long. LOL! Really cute – lots of activity and…

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Daily VLOG: Kidz Vuz Back To School Bash #KidzVuzBTS

We had a great time in the city yesterday — FULL DAY I MIGHT ADD. I’m pretty sure I passed out before all three of my children when we got home. But isn’t that what summer is all about? We…

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Daily VLOG: Blogger Bash And A Dinner Date #BBNYC

Blogger Bash! I went into the city and spent the day at the fab conference with a friend. It felt SO GOOD to ATTEND and not HOST. Oh my goodness. I need a cool down period after Getting Gorgeous. It’s…


Daily VLOG: Liam’s Birthday!!

So much FUN! Liam turned 8. Can you believe it?! Such a big boy. He had camp in the morning and then we treated him to a day of RULING to ROOST. We told him he could take us anywhere…


Daily Vlog: A Day In NYC That Included Rooftop Golf

I spent the day in NYC with Audrey McClelland getting ready for Getting Gorgeous – our annual event. We also hit up a blogger party for OFF. You have to see what it looked like. S’mores and rooftop golf. WHAT?!…

Daily VLOG: Music Theatre And Mexican Food Eps #19

While out to dinner with my friends, their son said something that I was SO GLAD TO CATCH ON FILM. I mean…I could have slipped him a five dollar bill afterwards. That’s how thankful I was for the audio! HA!…