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Daily Vlog: Arrived In LA For The #D23Expo

I made it the West Coast and am here for the D23 Expo. It was a really light day – we didn’t get to go to the convention center YET, but I did meet up with the group and my…


Daily Vlog: Setting Up For A Party

Yesterday was all about setting up and getting prepared. We were expecting 4 families over and the house needed a LOT of work! Check out the crazy.

Ralph Lauren Children's Fashion Show 2015 Central Park Zoo

Ralph Lauren Children’s Fashion Show: Central Park Zoo Fun !

Last week, my kids and I attended the Ralph Lauren Children’s Fashion show. Every year, they choose a spectacular location and this year was no exception!  The fashion show took place in the heart of NYC’s Central Park Zoo! WOW!…

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Daily VLOG: An Amazing Facial Plus A Cracker Barrel RANT

I am a Cracker Barrel fanatic. If I see one, we pull over and eat in it. Plain and simple. I was CRUSHED yesterday when we had terrible service during our most recent trip. CRUSHED. It’s my mecca of fried…