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An Open Letter To People Who Attend Catholic Mass

Hi. It’s me. The mom with the three kids in the back of the church. You know, the one you keep looking for. The one that is distracting you from today’s message. I notice you turning your head. I notice…

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The Power Of Purging: How It Can Calm The Soul

Every year, a month prior to Christmas,  I always do a major purge. We HAVE to do this in order to get ready for all the new items that enter our home. We just cannot accommodate everything. It’s impossible with the…

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Daily Diary: A Beautiful Christmas Eve With The Family

We had the BEST Christmas Eve this year. Oh my goodness. I couldn’t have asked for a better night. Natalie joined the church choir a few months ago and sings every other week during Sunday mass. But this week was…

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Daily Diary: Starting To Put Words Together

Oh my goodness — it’s happening. He’s growing up. NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Caleb is starting to talk. Sure, he’s been saying words for months and months. But now he’s forming sentences. “Mama …more milk.” Of course I’m excited for him. Elated even….

Daily VLOG: Including Caleb’s First Birthday Party

This poor little thing. Caleb walked into his first birthday party and froze. You mean… there are other little people just like me? YES CALEB THERE ARE!! MOMMY HAS BEEN SO WRONG!! He’s been locked up with me and Bill…