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Quick Business Travel Tips For Women On The Go

I travel a lot. I mean… YOU KNOW THIS. Always on the go. Always jumping on a plane. Perpetually exhausted. I have learned over the years to do a few things to stay sane while away from my family and…


10 Things To Remember Before Taking A Disney Cruise

  You know when you’ve settled into a trip and then you realize that you are more than halfway done! UGH!! I hate that! If you are planning a Disney Cruise, please read this quick tip post. I have plenty…

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Daily Diary: Day 5 Of The Disney Fantasy Cruise

Two a day! I need to get back on schedule! I am having a heart attack being so far behind reality!! Ok — Day 5 we visited St. Marteen and got into a fight with some KELP. The KELP won……

Disney Fantasy Cruise

Daily VLOG: Day 3 And 4 Of The Disney Fantasy Cruise

I had to consolidate two days because I didn’t capture enough for two separate videos. Looking back at Liam in his little suit makes me SMILE from ear to ear. I just loved that night. My goodness….


Daily VLOG: Day 2 Disney Fantasty Cruise With Family

OK, you thought I was kidding about catching up right? I was considering always being a week behind on daily vlogs, but I can’t live like that. I’ll probably post two or three Daily VLOGS a DAY until I am…