The Elle Make Better Program

ELLE announced the ELLE Make Better Program and DVD Series. The Make Better program is a multi-platform initiative surrounding fitness, fashion and beauty content that includes a themed January issue, a dedicated website and a three-DVD set hosted by and…

Etsy Product Of The Day

I’m so Crafty I make People Maternity Shirt Black Size Small – Medium Fits PrePrego Size 2-10 – $35

Woman Uses iPhone To Get Pregnant

Ba-nanas. A woman was having a terrible time getting pregnant and found relief through her iPhone. She received one as a gift and downloaded several applications to better help her manage the process. And it worked!! Full story here.

Anyone Up For A Coke And A Smile?

How FUN is this video? Coke put a special machine on a college campus and had a laugh with the student body. Love it!

American Museum Of Natural History’s February Line Up

FEBRUARY CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS at the American Museum of Natural History A Night at the Museum Sleepovers: Saturday, February 6, 5:45 pm – Sunday, February 7, 9 am $129 per person, $119 members * All participants must register in advance. One…