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Let’s Talk About Dirty Santa: How To Play And When To Cry

I’m 33 years old and last week was the first time I ever played ‘Dirty Santa’. Both my husband and my mother have been playing this games for years at work, but I just never had the opportunity.Well, during this month’s Bunko meet up, we got down to business – and I practically had an anxiety attack! LOL! Have you ever played ‘Dirty Santa’ before? Basically everyone in the room…

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Having Fun With Cookie Dough: The New York Times Has Fun This Season

Very rarely do I smile when reading a post from The New York Times. It’s more about information and analysis than it is leisure and play. Perhaps I’m reading the wrong sections?? Well, this morning I found this article online about playing with cookie dough and BOY did the author get creative. Take a look at the story and let me know what you think.

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6 Gag Gifts For The Men In Your Life

Who doesn’t want a finger moustache? Come on! That’s just genius!! I was searching online for some last minute presents for my husband and came across a handful of hilarious gag gifts instead. Secret ‘Stache Fingerstaches – $5.99 Cardboard Mounted Deer – $25 You Sunk My USBattleship Hub – $20 Off the Chain Slang Flashcards – $11 The Zombie Survival Guide – $11 (Well, this isn’t really a gag gift…

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Get This $6,000+ Holiday Look For Less

I was over at Polyvore and found this amazing outfit that I think would be perfect for Christmas (if I lengthened the sleeves to combat the cold weather). I tallied up how much it would actually cost me to own… and my word it’s over $6,000! WHAT!? So, I thought I’d roll up my sleeves and try to get this look for less. MUCH less. I’m keeping the skirt/shorts because…

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In A Pinch? Try e-Gift Cards! No Shipping And Instant Gratification

Sometimes a person you were supposed to buy a gift for just slips your mind. Instead of making the dreaded mall run at 1AM on Christmas Eve, consider e-Gift Cards. They are electronic and literally easier than giving money! I mean – who carries around large bundles of cash these days? If I have $5 on me, it’s practically a miracle. With one click of your mouse you will be…

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