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Daily VLOG: Sleepover With The McCLellands

We had so much fun hosting the McClellands for a night. I wish they stayed longer!!! We had to film something for a project that Audrey and I are shooting and the kids needed to be in the mix. So,…

7 Tips To Keep The House Clean During Back To School Season

Back To School Cleaning: Top 7 Tips

And just like that we are talking about ‘Back to School’. Clorox® Disinfectant Wipes asked me to come up with 7 tips for moms who are gearing up for the season and who are looking for a new routine. I happen to…

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Three Things: Back To School Edition

I have been saying a word wrong my entire life… and Audrey caught it in this video. See me learn that lesson during this weeks “Three Things” video. I still can’t believe this!!!

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How To Save Big On Back To School Shopping

I just love ‘Back to School’ time, don’t you?! New clothes, new books, new routines and… new friends. The children cannot wait for September because they know it means endless possibilities. But those possibilities can add up. I’m a family of…