Ikea first 59 Vera Sweeney Better Tv

Check Out My Ikea Segment On Better TV #First59

I can finally share a link to my Ikea segment shot on Better TV. It aired last Friday nationwide. I spoke about First 59 and offered up morning routine tips on behalf of the Ikea brand! Woo hoo. Click here…

Old Navy Girls Quilted Barn Vests

The Sunday Swoon: Old Navy Girls Quilted Barn Vests

We have been so busy getting ready for the Fall.I keep picking up pieces here and there whenever something catches my eye. We all know that once the weather actually gets colder, bikinis will be in stores for summer. WHY…

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 7.38.55 AM

Daily Diary: Missing The Mess

  I’m here in San Francisco for a few days with Hilton Hotels (more on that in a bit) and I was face-timing my kids this morning to say goodbye before I started my day. Of course, the house was…

Shopkins Limited Edition Giveaway And Video Review

We love the Shopkins! Do you remember a few months ago when I hosted a Shopkins party at my house?? The girls went WILD! Well, I have great news. I’m giving away the exact set that my daughter reviewed in the below video….