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Three Things: Back To School Edition

I have been saying a word wrong my entire life… and Audrey caught it in this video. See me learn that lesson during this weeks “Three Things” video. I still can’t believe this!!!

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How To Save Big On Back To School Shopping

I just love ‘Back to School’ time, don’t you?! New clothes, new books, new routines and… new friends. The children cannot wait for September because they know it means endless possibilities. But those possibilities can add up. I’m a family of…

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That Moment When You Wipe Off Your Makeup

I haven’t been having a very good week… but I suppose that this week is just like any other week for most. Yesterday, I had to go and get a sonogram for my thyroid and it took everything in me…


Daily Diary: Hashimotos And A Thyroid Sonogram

This video shows my immediate reaction after the doctor’s office. What a journey this has been. I mean… a year long battle to finally start making a move. I don’t remember updating you guys on my thyroid before. I know I’ve…


Daily VLOG: A Husband That Cleans And Sings

I’m letting you in on a little secret guys… my husband does the dishes in the house. Yes, it’s true. Whenever he is cleaning, he SINGS too! It’s like a musical performance every single night. Well, last night, Bill forgot…