Looking for a fun way to get your children involved with household chores and responsibility? Les Mess is a motivational tool you can use to encourage your child to organize their room while learning the benefit of cleaning up after themselves.

Shuffle the cards, pick one and do what is on the card. Each card has a time limit on it. If you finish in time you get a prize (Mom and Dad do this part), and there are cards with ideas of great prizes. These prizes do not bring more clutter into the house.

These organizing cards teach children to put things away, what to keep and what to toss. They will learn through getting organized, how to sort and will create a habit of picking up every day. After all, isn’t teaching our kids how to be organized and clutter-free a part of being a parent…and sometimes learning should be fun too! It’s NOT just a game, it’s a way of life.

Does it work on husbands too? LOL! Just kidding Bill. 🙂

I have three card sets to give away.


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