HUGE HUGE HUGE FAN of Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. They’ve been my charity of choice for 2 years and I can’t talk about them enough ever since I had a baby girl. You don’t really think about what sort of impact society and the entertainment industry is having on children until you have one of your own. The concerns are real and we need more companies to step up like Dove and take a stand against all the negativity.


Since 2005, Dove has reached over 3.5 million girls globally. Every Dove purchase helps build self esteem – when you enter your Dove UPC on Facebook here and select a charity, Dove will donate $1 to inspiring self-esteem programs at a charity partner of your choice. These charity partners include: Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Girls Inc.


Plus, on September 30th and continuing through this Fall, parents can go to to upload short videos of their daughters sharing what they think is beautiful about themselves or what they may have learned from a self esteem program, to help inspire all of us.

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