The candy day is creeping closer and closer… and I just started my new diet this morning. NOT the BEST timing, but I will deal.


In an attempt to try to make Halloween healthier, why not consider Stretch Island Fruit Co. and Stretch Island’s FruitaBü? As you already know, these all-natural fruit snacks are a great, tasty alternative to sugary candy snacks.


  • ·Spooky Halloween Shapes – Try taking ghoulish cookie cutters and making scary fruit shapes with FruitaBü Rolls and Stretch Island Fruit Strips! What’s scary than a fruit skull and cross bones treat?! Mix up the colors/flavors to liven up your little one’s artistic flair! You can roll up bits of the Grape FruitaBü Rolls for knobby Beetle Juice legs!
  • ·Silly Shish Kabobs of Death – take rolled up Apricot Strips (orange in color) and alternate fruit bits with skull-shaped candies on a skewer to create a frightening kabob of fruit!

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