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Here is a craft sent in from Leah.

This year I made a very simple Thanksgiving craft that my kids are loving. I cut out a turkey body from brown construction paper, and made legs, beak, gobbbler, and eyes, of course. Then the kids and I cut out tons of simple feather shapes using every color of construction paper in the stack! We hung the turkey up in our big front window, and put the feathers, a couple of pens, and some tape in a jar in the window sill.

Every day, each of us takes a feather and writes something we are thankful for. Then we tape it up on the turkey. It looked a little weird to have a naked turkey up there for a couple of days, but now the feathers are filling in nicely and it looks beautiful!

The kids are having so much fun and are really getting creative with the things they are thankful for, such as: cute boots, wrestling on the bed, singing, tickling the baby, and snuggling. On Thanksgiving day, we’ll read all of them together to really see all of the little (and big) things we have to be thankful for.


What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing LEAH!

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