Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be intimidating if you prepare, even when it comes to leftovers.  Food expert Jan D’Atri, author of “Rescued Recipes, Your Stories.  Your Recipes”, has some great timely tips for those upcoming family gatherings.

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Tip #1


“My Momma taught me, ‘If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ and shes right,” says D’Atri. “A lot of frustration and stress in the kitchen comes from not having everything at the ready when you start a recipe. If you have all of your ingredients at hand BEFORE you begin your recipe, youre going to have fun making the recipe because its all right in front of you. No last minute trips to the store for the ingredient that you thought you had that only robs you of valuable time and energy!”


Tip #2

Rule of Thumb for Appetizers

“A good rule of thumb in serving appetizers is generally 4 servings per person,” she says. “Make sure the appetizer is a bite-sized morsel that can be easily enjoyed with a small plate or napkin in one hand and a beverage in the other!”


Tip #3

Jan’s Ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers

1. The “TLC” Casserole-The Turkey Leftover Casserole.

Line the bottom of the casserole dish with a layer of dinner rolls or biscuits, halved. Pour turkey gravy over bread. Add layers of turkey, cranberry jelly and stuffing. Top with layer of mashed or sweet potatoes. Bake at 350 until heated all the way through.

2. Sweet Potato Quick Bread

Add one cup of cooked and peeled mashed sweet potatoes or yams to any one your quick bread recipes, like coffee cake or nut bread. The addition of the mashed sweet potatoes makes the recipe moist and gives it a wonderful hearty flavor!

3. Wrap up Thanksgiving!  Put all your fave stuff in a wrap and go!


“Rescued Recipes, Your Stories.  Your Recipes”  captures some beloved rescued recipes that tie into some wonderful heart-warming family memories.  From the main course to dessert, there’s some great options for every craving. A perfect holiday gift! Learn more at

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