Rosario Dawson and Giada De Laurentiis will both guest star in different episodes of  “Handy Manny,” beginning December 7 on the Disney Channel.

Rosario guest stars as a marine biologist, who, along with Manny and the tools, work together to save a beached orca whale. The episode “A Whale of Tale” will air December 7 (9:00 am ET/PT). Famous chef Giada De Laurentiis guest stars as pizza owner Paulette in “Paulette’s Pizza Plaza,” which will air December 8 (9:00 am ET/PT).


“A Whale of a Tale/Julieta’s Loose Tooth” – Manny and the tools are enjoying a day at the beach when a marine biologist (voiced by Dawson) approaches them with an emergency – an orca whale has washed up on the shore. Manny and the tools build a makeshift whale-sized stretcher to assist with getting the giant mammal back into the water. In the second story of the episode, when Julieta’s loose tooth falls out and tumbles into the sink and down the drain, it is up to Manny and the tools to retrieve the lost tooth and return it to Julieta so she can put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. – Airs Monday, DECEMBER 7


“Flicker Joins the Band/Paulette’s Pizza Place” – When the tools form a band, Flicker has trouble finding his own sound. Manny assures him that he indeed has one; they just have to find out what it is. While cleaning, Flicker finds his unique sound when he blows on some dusty bottles. Then, when the automatic pizza rolling machine at Paulette’s Pizza Palace breaks, Manny and the tools must repair the machine so that Paulette (voiced by De Laurentiis) is able to fulfill all the orders for her pizza special of the day. – Airs Tuesday, DECEMBER 8

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