Pea In A Pod: Your Complete Guide To Pregnancy, Childbirth & Beyond was written by Linda Goldberg, a Florida childbirth educator and lactation consultant. It is a no-nonsense, information-packed guide. While the whimsical title and cover graphic might suggest a lighthearted approach, Goldberg quickly gets down to business, covering every option available to contemporary parents-to-be.

Topics include:

  1. Decisions about birth plans,
  2. Nutrition and exercise guides
  3. Detailed sections on labor and delivery
  4. Check box lists to follow during each of four labor stage
  5. Standard medical information
  6. Alternative techniques: acupressure, visualization and touch relaxation
  7. Newborn care
  8. Breastfeeding
  9. Assessment of co-sleeping and bed sharing

Available for $12.21

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