I am ALWAYS looking for tips to help me get my house in order. QVC just launch a section of their website that does just that – reports on the top home trends we all should be following. Have QVC teach you how to make your house a happy home! In a matter of minutes, you will become a home decorator with help from experts Tracy Hutson, Jeff Lewis, and Genevieve Gorder. You’ve seen all three of these talents on networks like ABC, Bravo, and HGTV! Now, they’re visiting QVC and they’re bringing all of their designer secrets with them.

  • Tracy Hutson will be on 2/16 at 1pm ET to learn about modern vintage looks using her line of pillows, throws, and mirrors.
  • Genevieve Gorder will highlight eclectic and soulful bathroom art 2/19 at 10pm ET.
  • Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis will be on air 2/22 at 1am ET for tips on bedding, wall art, and lighting.

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