(image taken on last day of our Disney trip – soaking wet down to my bra)

We flew back from Disney on Saturday. That entire day (and the first half of Sunday) we just did laundry. My husband insists we clean EVERYTHING even if we don’t use it. He hates hotels – so whatever came with us (or came home with us including new things) had to be cleaned. I think we ended up with 8 loads all in.


Sunday afternoon rolled around and we were finally finished. I blinked and it was Monday morning… and here we are in Tuesday. I have yet to step into the gym even though I gained 4 pounds last week. Yes, you heard me correctly. 4 pounds in 6 days. That’s how I roll when I am on vacation. It’s all about the french fries, pizza and one bottle of soda after the next. Sigh. I am officially heavier than when I came home with Liam 2 years ago. What is happening?!

(Ok – this isn’t my car. But it might as well be)

Today I told myself  – you are GOING TO THE GYM. But it’s SNOWING again and I don’t feel like dealing with the madness. But it is what it is. This February is not playing nice with the East Coast and I just have to suck it up and get in that car. That cold car that is buried under snow. Cold, hard snow that I will have to shovel before I can get into the cold car before I can make my way to the gym on slippery roads. Le sigh. Let’s see what happens. I’m not hopeful.

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