Chain letters? Really? These still exist? I can’t believe I am diving into the chain letter world now that my children are of school age. I thought they were myths – the foundation to a good horror story. But alas, here we are – a sticker forward. Like my child needs more stickers in her life. She needs NOTHING. But I need ink for my printer to make copies of 12 letters and I need to run to the dollar store to pick up stickers. All while my daughter lounges on the couch watching a Christmas DVD (yes, we can’t get out of that theme – no matter how hard we try.



I could call the mother and tell her I rather not participate. But this woman is going to be in my life for the next 12 years. I live in a small town and I rather not make waves. UGH. And besides – how can I not do it for my little ones? I’m sure they will get a kick out of getting mail each day. The promise is they will receive 36 sets of stickers… it’s like a Ponzie scheme!!


Ok – dinner is done. Off to plate.

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