No seriously. Why does my daughter INSIST on taking the clothes off of every doll she owns? And don’t ask me where any of them went. It’s just a whole bunch of nakedness around the Sweeney household.

It’s been pretty snowy in NY the last few days, so we’ve been inside since Sunday. The kids are going BONKERS. I’m running out of ideas here. We used our naked friends to put on a puppet show (or 60 puppet shows – I lost count).


We played a little Operation. Funny thing about this game – I remember playing it as a child and my mother used to always struggle with that wand. As an adult, I now know that she was completely doing it on purpose just to make me win or laugh. I love that. 🙂


And then we colored. Having children gives me a reason to do this craft again – what a relaxer it is!! I could sit and color all day. I swear they should market the craft to adults as a stress reliever. Make more intricate coloring books or something. I have a lot of fun whenever my kids want to play with their crayons.

Today I begged my husband to get them out of the house for a while, but I hear them running around in the kitchen – so my guess is that isn’t going to happen.

And on repeat this week on my iPod is a very old No Doubt song. I don’t know WHAT made me purchase it or why I can’t stop listening to it – but ‘Simple Kind of Life’ is playing over and over and over again. Great tune.

And INO Mommy reached 1,942 pageviews yesterday!! I’m so happy that people are sticking around. 🙂

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