Tippi Styling Backstage 2

Tippi Styling Behind-the-Scenes

Avon’s Global Stylist Advisor Tippi Shorter created the hair look for the fall 2010 runway show, supported by a full team of Avon stylists.  Here are step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this runway look at-home, which Avon is calling “Second Day Chic.”

Styling Shot

Tippi Styling Backstage 1

  • Apply Advance Techniques Volumizing Mousse to hair that has been dried straight, evenly distributing to create a sturdy base for the style. Use a comb to create a deep diagonal part that extends from the hairline just above the outside corner of one eye to the crown.
  • Using a round barrel brush and blow dryer, create a defined part by blowing the front section forward to create a dramatic sweep across one eye.
  • Just below the crown, backcomb a 2-3” section of hair and drape over the back of the head to distribute the teased pieces. Gather the bottom section of hair (below the diagonal part) and tie off into a low ponytail using a clear elastic band.
  • Mix Advance Techniques Moisture Sleek Smoothing Serum and Shaping Gel and apply by hand to the front section of hair enhancing the drape across the front of the face.
  • Gather the draped section of hair and pull into the loose low pony, securing with bobby pins. Finish with Advance Techniques Mirror Shine Spray for a high shine finish.

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