I went from going from one to three parties in the last 10 minutes. For those of you who are new to my personal blogs, I suffer from insane migraines.  They started to become so debilitating that I actually STOPPED going into the city to attend press functions. Every time I left my house I would become crippled with pain.

For the past 6 weeks, I started to make changes that are helping relieve the symptoms. I joined a gym, started to drink less caffeine, loosened up my jaw (apparently I’m a teeth clencher), and started taking preventative medication. I’m on my second refill and I have to say the headaches are FAR LESS than before. I think I end up with about 20% of what I used to have and that’s a HUGE difference.

sarah jessica parker

But I still try to keep my schedule opened. I hardly go in for anything. I missed this season’s entire Fashion Week and gave all my shows to my four interns. I didn’t attend this year’s Toy Fair (even though it would have been amazing for INO Mommy) and I stopped completely covering anything beauty related (tomorrow I am sending my writer to brunch with Sarah Jessica Parker because I knew it would be crazy for me to finish my morning shift and get into the city by 11am).  I could be doing things everyday of my life. But the only thing I truly want to do is hang out with my husband and play with my kids.


But on occasion, I say yes. I figure it turns out to be about once a month. I’ll do something with an agency to make sure I stay in good graces with everyone. Tonight I was scheduled to go to a Dylan’s Candy Bar party with AnnaLynne McCord, Nick Cannon, and someone else who I forgot…

So I said yes. I’ve done things with them before and the candy is just amazing. So why not? Figured it would be a good story to tell. But while chatting over the last 20 minutes with friends, I just confirmed a party with XBox and am waiting on one more which I will write about once I find out if I can get on the list. The bad thing is each party is a few hours long and are scheduled between 7 to 10. So Bill and I are going to be hopping and I most certainly will be packing a few pills in my bag… because even THINKING about it all is getting me anxious.

When did I become so agoraphobic?

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