We can all use a little extra help becoming organized in the kitchen and during meal planning. The best way to ease stress is to be prepared. Make a list of frequently used items and attach it to your refrigerator door. Every weekend, check for items that you’re running low on, and take a trip to the store to replace them. Here are some items to get you started:

In your refrigerator:

* Eggs (or egg substitute)
* Fat-free Parmesan cheese
* Fresh fruit
* Green onions
* Jar of minced garlic (I prefer to buy the already peeled garlic and then zest it into whatever I am cooking)
* Low-fat shredded cheese
* Low-fat yogurt
* Low-sodium soy sauce
* Pre-washed and sliced veggies
* Ready-to-eat salad bags
* Reduced-calorie margarine
* Fat-free milk

In your freezer:

* Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
* Frozen pasta such as tortellini or ravioli
* Frozen vegetables
* Frozen yogurt
* Lean meat and pork
* Leftovers!
* Salad-size shrimp

Thanks to Weight Watchers for the suggestion!

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