A few months ago, I went to a spa as part of an anniversary gift my husband gave me. I was thrilled to be getting a facial. I put my robe on, walked into the room and sat down for my consultation. The woman asked me how I cleaned my face and I proudly said baby wipes. I thought I was being smart with my money. After all, baby wipes are SO MUCH cheaper than anything else being sold on the market.

Well, if that girl didn’t just about fall flat on the floor out of shock!

2010-02-17_213524Apparently, baby wipes are too harsh for the delicate skin on our face. You can use wipes but they have to contain an anti-inflammatory (like green tea). A good buy is BIORE Makeup Removing Towelette. Available online or at your local drugstore for $7.

So no more baby wipes for me! Lesson learned.

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