(For the record – Victoria is NOT the person I am talking about in this post!!) πŸ™‚

Sorry for the poor quality picture – but it was the only one I had that showed off the shoes I wore to the Wonka Party at Dylan’s Candy Bar from earlier this week.Β  At some point in the evening, I met a few good people who worked in the fashion industry. One of them asked me if my shoes were Prada.

And I said… no. Because nothing I own is Prada or any other mega designer brand for that matter. I told the girl the shoes were actually $29 DSW heels and she couldn’t believe it. We then got to talking and everyone in the group (besides me) were completely obsessed with labels. They all took great pride in purchasing quality clothing with quality names backing the brands. Meanwhile I was standing there wearing the following:

  • AJ Wright shirt: $7.99
  • AJ Wright sweater: $9.99
  • Jeans from ideeli: $39
  • Shoes from DSW: $29
  • Chain from ideeli: $19
  • Bag from Costa Rica street market: $10

My outfit was about as discount as you can get and that’s pretty standard for me. I do own a Louis Vuitton bag but that’s because my husband wanted to do something special for me while I was hospitalized for 2 months when I was pregnant with Liam.

I could very easily get caught up in that world and sometimes I feel like I am doing a disservice to my readers when I don’t. I am many people and sometimes it can get very conflicting. Yes, I am a mom and I live in a quiet neighborhood and I meet my friends to play Bunko and the movies. But I also cover NYC’s fashion and beauty parties and press events where suddenly the lifestyle is very glam and everyone I know is dressed to the nines completely knowledgeable of what trends are hot and what labels you should avoid. So I am always somewhere in the middle. And it’s a pull in both directions. Can you really live in both worlds? I do my best – but then questions like these make me remember that I am not fully committing to either. Should I have to? I don’t know.

The girl wasn’t trying to make me feel uncomfortable – and truth be told – we had a really fun time with her. But I walked away feeling a bit insecure – like I am somehow a fraud as the owner of INO STYLE . I covered over 80 shows and previews this season – and I don’t have this appreciation that the other fashion bloggers do. Believe me, I wish I did. These girls are so INFORMED. It’s unbelievable to listen to – a true skill. And I can’t look at a bag and tell you what fabric it was made out of – yet here we all are waiting for the lights to dim and the models to walk.

That’s another reason why I started INO Mommy. Because in the end, that’s all I am. I’m a mom and I am good mom. I know everything there is to know about loving my children and keeping them safe and happy. So I don’t ever feel self conscious about that role. I’m proud of that role. I own that role.

I don’t know why I wrote this post – it’s something I deal with all the time. Fashion bloggers are an amazing group of women and I truly envy their ability to be so put together and in the know. I guess there is a tinge of jealousy that I don’t have that capacity. Maybe that’s why I hired four girls to run that site and I stopped going into the city to cover those events. Because I didn’t want it to eat me alive.

Perfect example, last season I met up with a bunch of fab women and they all had Minx nails because that was the super hot thing to do. I didn’t even have my nails PAINTED. So, we’re all chatting and having a great time inside the tents and I can’t stop thinking about how I have to run and get my nails done with Minx. And then I caught myself. WHY do I have to have my nails done with Minx? These girls are my friends either way. They don’t care if I do or if I do – but I did. And I hated that I cared. It’s not something that anyone in that industry is doing to me. I have GREAT friends in that world and we always have a blast when we meet up at events, but there’s a want that grows in me when I do. And it leaves a bad after taste in my mouth.

Wow -I’m ranting. Does this make any sense? I’m going to stop before I end up writing a novel.

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