Here it is. The cut. The chop that I am truthfully regretting. Please be kind.

I feel like I have lost my youthfulness and I am just going to grow it out and deal with it for the time being. It was a crazy decision – and I guess the lesson is to NOT get your haircut after you thought you house was broken into. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I went to the Martha Stewart show with my friend Barbara and got invited backstage to interview Liz Lange and her sister. Pretty cool! Will absolutely do a write up of that later on this week. We were in a room where Martha keeps all her Emmys and BOY does she have a lot.

Tomorrow I am heading back into the city for a Starbucks event – they are unveiling a new ice cream flavor (YUM) and then have an interview to potentially get on this cyber-game show (something like Us Weekly meets Jeopardy). I spoke on the phone with the group and they seemed like they were interested in using me as part of the crew (not a contestant). I’m tired – will elaborate more tomorrow.

After the Martha Stewart show I had a pajama play date and ate three slices of pizza. Regretting that decision big time. Showered, looked at my inbox (215 new emails), closed my inbox and threw together this post. Sorry I’m being so short but I am pooped.

Until tomorrow.

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