I haven’t seen my friend Jennifer in a very long time. I’ve become super busy the last few months and her youngest son has been diagnosed as “being on the spectrum”. Naturally, our time together has shortened. But last night, Jen came over with her sons and our kids got together and had a blast. We, on the other hand, spoke as fast as we could and got on the same page with our lives.

I’ve known Jen since high school. We used to go clubbing in the city with fake IDs. We went away to college together and roomed in the same dorm for three years. We graduated and took a trip around Europe without anyone else. We worked at the same company once we both got our degrees.

Then we married.

Then we had children.

Then life threw a few more curve balls and I hardly see her anymore. It doesn’t take away from our friendship in ANY way. I would DO ANYTHING for her and I KNOW that she would give me the same. I just don’t get to SEE her anymore and that totally sucks.

But so is life. Her son has services coming into the home several days a week. I am revving up a few things (which I will talk about another time) and am running three sites. Time is not on our side.

Last night we made an agreement – a firm weekly dinner date. No matter what happens, we are going to get together. And I think that it’s a necessity. If it can’t be how it was, it will be the best it can be.

Do you have something like this in place with your close friends? A girl’s night out? A firm playdate? Or is it not a problem to schedule time with your girls?

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