When I sit down to eat Japanese I order my drink… and a fork. I can’t mess around with chopsticks. If I’m really hungry I need to shovel the food in my mouth and chopsticks just don’t do the trick. But my kids LOVE them. They actually make it a point to NOT use a fork whenever possible.

I tried to video Liam in action, but he got a little shy once the camera went on.

What else happened…

Yesterday afternoon I went into the city to do a screen test for this online game show I was asked to be a part of. It is going to be a cross between Us Weekly and Jeopardy. I was begging to be a contestant, but they just wanted me to ask a Blind Item and make it last 25 seconds. So we did a few takes, and it looks like I am going to do three episodes! Should be a lot of fun.

Then I quickly met my friend Sylvia who is pregnant with her first child! I’ve been trying to get this girl to have a baby since 2005 – so I’m glad she was finally ready to become a mother. She is about 4.5 months pregnant and still wearing her real clothes. I can’t believe it. The day after I take a pregnancy test my entire body fills up with water and I can’t button a thing. Lucky little devil! 🙂

This afternoon we have a bday party in Brooklyn – so I have to get a present and do a few errands before we leave.

Until tomorrow!!

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