I took this picture of Liam last week and hadn’t had a chance to use it until now. This is pretty much what we all look like when there’s guacamole on the table. It’s bad. Four savages all diving into the bowl for a big scoop of avocado. YUM.

This weekend has been crazy. The Oscars had me working until midnight over on http://imnotobsessed. Then I woke up at 7 and started to post again. I am taking a little break this afternoon.

I just finished my shift and am going to jump in the shower, eat lunch and take my children to see my friend Laura. She had a baby a few months ago and I haven’t met her yet. So today is our overdo introduction. I just can’t wait!!

Still have to run out and get her a present. EEK!

On Sunday, hubby and I drove the kids out to Tanger outlets in Riverhead to visit the Pottery Barn outlet. The table I wanted was around $800 with shipping and I thought that was WAY too much money to spend on one piece of furniture. So we took a chance and headed out east to see if we could get a bargain.

Turns out we basically did the whole room for a bit more than the original price of that one table! I’m talking carpet, window treatments, end tables, accessories – etc. UNREAL. I just LOVE that place. The kids made it a bit hectic – I wish I had more time to sort through my purchases, but in the end I am really happy.

We have a few more pictures to hang and then I will show you a photo of the space. I am so HAPPY with it!

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