LIVESTRONGS.COM , a destination for health, fitness and lifestyle-related information, has revealed new features for MyPlate, the site’s popular lifestyle management tool. If you are looking to track your diet and fitness habits, this is the tool for you.

Relevant Content at Your Fingertips

When users add a new food item or exercise to their MyPlate page, LIVESTRONG.COM automatically compiles a customized list of relevant articles and videos directly below the food diary. You can easily discover more information about healthy living, based on your own preferences.

Custom Nutritional Snapshot for Favorite Recipes

The MyRecipes feature makes it easy for you to build and upload your own recipes – along with complete nutritional information – to your MyPlate. MyRecipes gives you a more accurate and comprehensive overview of  your nutritional intake, and simplifies the food entry process.

The Largest Food and Activity Database Online

LIVESTRONG.COM has expanded the food and exercise database for MyPlate, to deliver a combined database that is more comprehensive than any other competitive offering. You can now track more than 700,000 foods and beverages. The food database spans generic staples, branded goods and restaurant items, and is paired with a fitness database that contains 1,500 fitness activities.

Want to check it out? Click here to get started.

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