While many women focus on treating aging skin from the outside with topical solutions, many don’t think about feeding your skin from the inside-out to prevent the dreaded signs of aging. Paula Simpson – expert nutritionist – offered some of the best foods to beautify your skin from the inside-out and her tips on how to get the most from them.


Salmon: Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, this cold water fish is high in protein and B-12 vitamin to nourish skin and keep it plump and youthful, helping to reduce wrinkles!

Paula recommends: baking, steaming or grilling in order to preserve omega-3s and to keep down your total fat intake.


Broccoli: Packed with vitamins A and C which regulates production of sebum, this dark green veggie provides powerful anti-oxidants to help the skin stay radiant.


Tomato: Antioxidant compounds found in tomatoes and similar fruits and veggies fight damage caused by free radicals which makes the skin look younger and more radiant.

Paula recommends: drinking nutri-cosmetic beauty drinks which combine tomato, broccoli and powerful superfruits which cleanse the system and the skin of toxins.


Melon: Properties of melons like cantaloupe are high in vitamin C and contain no fat or cholesterol. They’re also packed with beta-carotene which has been proven to brighten skin and heal some of the sun’s photo-aging damage.

Paula recommends: fill up on melon early in the morning without the need for sugary juices, this will get you energized and improve the skin’s structure and firmness.


Avocado: Provides essential fatty acids (good fat) which have been proven to help skin glow.

Paula recommends: adding a half an avocado to salads to get your dose of good fat and also stay fuller longer.

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