Besides having to run around this week with a million events for INO, I had a few personal things going on as well. My grandmother turned 80! I just can’t believe it because she looks so YOUNG. Hopefully I got some of her genes.

The entire family got together and went to this local Italian restaurant and I ordered risotto (because I LOVE risotto). Well, when it came it looked like soup – an insane amount of liquid and was NOT what I expected. I didn’t say anything and ate what I could. When the waiter came, my mother blew up my spot and started complaining about my dish. My mouth dropped. The freaking owner and chef came out and basically lectured me for 20 minutes saying that’s exactly how risotto is supposed to look etc. etc. I was like… ok thanks. I understand thanks. No problem thanks. Sorry? I mean – I couldn’t get this guy to let it go.

Thanks mom!

Then we went back to my old house for some cake. The kids blew the candles out before my grandmother could so we had to redo the song. Pretty funny.


The day before we had a kid’s birthday party at a bowling alley. Natalie and Liam were totally into it for about 4 frames. Then it was mayhem. The whole party was running around and screaming – taking turns out of line, throwing multiple balls down the lane. Meanwhile the parents were munching on nachos and mozerella sticks. Hilarious!!! Bill and I were like… should we go help them? NAH!!!

Parents need a break too now and then, right? 🙂

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