(Video taken with VADO Pocket Camera)

INO Mommy was invited to hear Jennie Garth talk about the importance of including vegetables in a healthy diet thanks to the makers of Hidden Valley Salad Dressings and the Love Your Veggies campaign.

Jennie Garth has three children and she makes sure her girls eat their veggies, whether it’s in school, during practices, or at home. Jennie always has family dinners; she thinks it’s essential for the whole family to share stories during a big, healthy meal. Looking for some veggie friendly recipes? Click here to get some.



When it comes to lunches, Jennie’s motto is “less is more.” She sticks to one fruit, one veggie, and one protein like a sandwich or tofu. School lunches are often rushed, and Jennie does not like to overwhelm herself and her kids with extra unnecessary snack bags which not only have a lot of unhealthy ingredients, but are also environmentally unfriendly.

As you know, children raise body issue questions from early on. Jennie avoids it by never mentioning the words “diet” and “fat.” Rather, she uses words like “healthy” when explaining the necessity of veggies and flatters her kids when they try a new vegetable or when they finish their salads. Not having bagged snacks around the house also helps Jennie and her family maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Want to find out more information? Jennie is currently starring in the iVillage.com Webisode series “Garden Party” sponsored by Hidden Valley Salad Dressings.

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