I’ve mentioned this before but the main reason why I started INO Mommy is because parenting events allow bloggers to bring their children. I figured as long as my kids could come with me and have fun while I worked… it really wasn’t such a bad thing.

Here’s Liam looking out the window of the Mandarin Orient Hotel with Jack (Jen’s little boy from Next Kid Thing) during a recent preview we attended. Natalie was busy eating a cupcake while Bill and I sipped on tea and listened to Dreamwork’s presentation (will write about that in a few).

Every so often when the hectic-ness (yes, that’s a word today) calms down and I can sit back and breath, I get hit with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation for this job. My children are experiencing amazing things and it’s all from INO. I am so thankful to have this community – for my own personal sanity and for the opportunities it allows me to share with Natalie and Liam. Just wanted to say thank you for sticking around. 🙂

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