Monster Vapor

Storm Squasher

Keep the bogeyman at bay and storms away with Monster Vapor & Storm Squasher! Helping to alleviate nighttime fears and defeat those imaginary monsters can be tricky, as many parents know. Why not put the feeling of control back in your child’s hands by arming him or her with the Monster Vapor or Storm Squasher? 

Touted as “bravery in a bottle,” both the Monster Vapor and Storm Squasher are made with Organic Lavender essential oil to calm and soothe during times of stress, such as battling the monsters lurking under the bed or when the thunder crashes extremely loud! Each bottle comes adorably packaged with a special bed time story to be read with extra snuggles by mom or dad. The sprays also make delightful room or fabric refresheners! $8.50 a bottle. Found online at

*Company sent a sample for this review.*

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