Bill’s grandmother is 98 years old. She has her mind in tact, but her body is slowing giving out. Last night, after dinner, she began to shake and then fell limp on the chair. It looked like a puppet-master let go of the strings. I watched in horror because I thought she took her last breath. She began to slide off her seat and we grabbed her and began to panic.

Then my mother in-law came over and shook her while rubbing her chest. We called 911 and stood helplessly around. Her mouth began to quiver and her neck looked like she was convulsing (this is the best way I can explain it). Thankfully, after a few minutes she came back to full consciousness.

The paramedics arrived and told her she had to go to the hospital, but she refused. She said there was nothing anyone can do for her and she didn’t want to go through the poking and proding. The last time she was admitted, they put a pace maker in her (at 97 – isn’t that insane!?).

When the ambulance left, my mother-in-law got Bill’s grandmother cleaned up and put her on the couch. Everyone’s hearts were RACING for the rest of the night. Any noise we heard, we all froze and ran into the room to make sure she was ok.

They are going to the doctor today because that’s all she will do. It was so sad because she kept saying, “I’ve lived a long life. There’s nothing left to do.” She’s accepted her time has come. Really makes you remember how mortal we all are.

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