Ok, so I am not kidding – this was definitely a GREAT decision. Did it change my life? It’s too early to tell. But BOY am I excited about the new Droid.


I’ve been a Blackerry user for about 4 years. When the iPhone came out I didn’t even consider it. I was like – I need a BUSINESS  PHONE. I don’t want to just play games. No keyboard? No me! I run all my sites using my phone when I am out of the house – and I’ve heard that the service that comes with the iPhone isn’t the greatest. Wasn’t worth the risk.

But then… the Droid came out. And I kept reading about how great it was. And I kept meeting friends in the industry who purchased the phone and were REALLY happy with their decision.

And then a $100 rebate became available… and I bit down hard.


I just ran to the mall today and picked one up. In minutes I saw how much time I wasted with the Blackberry. This phone is the best of both worlds. It’s touch screen capabilities, Verizon wireless service and automatic email push are all I need to keep me going.

Unreal! And if you are a social media fool like I am – Twitter and Facebook are unbelievable with the Droid. 100% better than on the Blackberry. I don’t want to completely shoot down the Blackberry because I really did have many happy years with the company, but the Droid is my new best friend.

I wish they were freaking sponsoring me for this damn post!! Oh well – I rather get the word out than sit quietly because I’m not on payroll. LOL!

If you are in the market – go and check this phone out.

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