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The word “organized” doesn’t come to the mind while looking at this picture – I get that. But trust me! This is the perfect way to keep all your recipes in one place.

I am a magazine subscriber – not by choice but because I had to use miles from a few airlines before they expired. So I think I get about 20 magazines a month. 90% of them will not be renewed once my subscriptions expire. I plan on keeping In Style (because I luv In Style) and my cooking ones.

Once a month I sit down and rip out all the recipes I plan on making. Then when the kids are calm and the work is done, I sit down to cut and tape them into my big notebook. I’m up to my second one as I started this hobby when I first got married – 8 years ago.

It makes keeping recipes SO EASY. You don’t have to store all the magazines and you can sort everything by TYPE. So the desserts start from the back and everything else starts from the front. If you wanted to, you could put together 2 books and split them out that way. Whatever works.

What do you do to keep recipes?

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