Pure Bottle-fruit_lineup

Spring is here! With everyone heading outside to enjoy the weather and play in the sunshine, staying hydrated can be tricky! For those who don’t want to up their caloric intake by drinking sugary sports drinks or caffeinated beverages, Pure Inventions® has invented a unique line of antioxidant fruit extracts that can be added directly to a glass or bottle of water. With delicious flavors such as Cranberry+Elderberry, Blueberry+White Tea, and Pomegranate+Acai Berry, ordinary drinking water will never be the same! Developed by nutritionists, Pure Inventions is added directly to your water and includes only the purest ingredients. No caffeine, no sugar or artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no gluten, no chemicals, and absolutely no calories! Find them online at www.pureinventions.com/.

*Company sent a sample for this review.

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