So, yesterday I went to see a show at Radio City Music Hall with the kids (will get to that later). We had 40 minutes to kill and decided to grab a quick lunch up the block before finding our seats in the theatre. The closest restaurant that was of interest was Le Pain Quotidien.

Since we obviously didn’t have reservations, the only seats available were at a communal table – which didn’t really bother me. A few years back we  used to go to Asia de Cuba a lot and it was the same story over there.

IMG_9111(Check out the background of this pic. They use old (but not old enough to be moldy) bread to hold the menus in. How creative!)

We didn’t have much time to spare and by recommendation of the waitress decided to avoid the scrumptious quiches that were available via the menu.  Instead Bill and I ordered sandwiches and the kids shared a Belgium Waffle.

Well, let me tell you that the waffle was probably one of the best waffles I’ve ever had in my life. No, it WAS the best waffle I ever had in my life. NO SYRUP. You ate that puppy plain and then begged for more when it was over. We ate it so fast I didn’t even have a chance to photograph it. UNREAL.


My dish was flipping awesome as well. It was an open faced grilled chicken with smoked mozzarella sandwich topped with mescalin salad and tiny pickles. HOLY MOLY!

After looking online I learned (ok Bill learned) that this restaurant is ALL OVER THE WORLD. Check their site to see if one is by you and give it a shot. You will NOT be disappointed.

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