Hello yummy goodness! Where have you been all my life? Why do you only show up once a year? Is this fair? Can we petition for a more frequent visit? LOL!

My mother-in-law gave us a loaf of Easter Bread so we can enjoy it this morning and… BOY did we enjoy it. The kids were FLIPPING out because there were sprinkles all over the top. We had to pretty much hide the loaf otherwise they would have eaten every last bite.


Yesterday afternoon I ran to get one of the egg coloring kits (because I forgot to get one earlier – yes that’s how I roll) and came back with a kit that had plastic egg bags inside. I never saw such a thing. It was the only one that Walmart had left and I felt a little guilty because of the extra waste. Instead of throwing them out, I kept the bags and plan to use them as crayon holders when the kids want to color.



The kids really had a great time putting in their eggs and watching them turn. Bill and I boiled like 10 eggs and then cracked 4 of them when we were putting them in the pot or attempting to cool them off! LOL. He had to eat them all instead of letting the kids color them first. He was so UPSET. Luckily we had enough to get one into each bag at least.



Then this morning it was a mad hunt for the eggs The Easter Bunny planted all over the house. Once it was over, I showed them THIS PICTURE and the two kids went bonkers.


After the madness subsided, they put some stickers on their eggs and opened up their Easter basket gifts. We went to the dollar store and got a few things for outside (bubbles, gardening tools etc). They were so excited. It was like Christmas all over again, but like 2% of the cost. LOL!

There is a town parade we are considering attending and then it’s off to the in-laws for lunch. Hope you all have a great day!

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