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This is where I grew up. No grass. No greenery. Just lots and lots of cement. And I loved every second of it. I took the kids to my mother’s house in Astoria because we didn’t see them on Easter. While there I ran into a few friends and we all headed across the street to a local park under the TriBorough Bridge… errr… I mean the RFK Bridge. I still protest that name change.

The park has changed a bit for the better. They added a TON of stuff for the kids to do and got creative with their sprinkler system. We hung out for about an hour – and while we couldn’t catch up as much as I would have liked – it certainly was a walk down memory lane.

We kept joking about how CRAZY it was to be at the park with our OWN kids. I mean, I feel like I was hanging out with friends there after school just a few years ago. It’s really scary how quickly time is flying.

PS: these pictures are from my Droid. I think they came out pretty clear. Still loving that purchase.

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