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I certainly don’t have to worry about my kids getting cabin fever while I am suffering through this bug. Bill has them gallivanting all around town. Here are a few pictures from their visit to Brooklyn while I slept most of the day away with 103 fever.

I’m heading back to the doctor today to run a test I really don’t want to go through. But… it is what it is. My fever has lightened up but other issues have started that are causing my doctor some concern.

I wanted to talk about a moment I felt yesterday while driving to the his office though. I’ve been out of commission since late Thursday night. Yes, I left the house on Saturday – but it was late and I couldn’t really see in the dark. Yesterday was the first moment I had a look at Spring. It was about 11am or so and while I was walking into my car I noticed the Cherry Blossoms bloomed on the tree right outside my house. Then I looked up and around and everything was just so beautiful. I took it in and then wondered if I would have even noticed any of it if I was feeling healthy.

Odds are I would have been walking and checking email or some other multi-task. But because I just wasn’t up to it all I could do was take in the beautiful day. I can’t remember the last time I let myself do such a thing.The grass was so green and the Oak Trees on my block just reach through the sky. What a sight.

So good must come out of bad right? Everything happens for a reason – at least that’s my motto. I believe this illness (one way or another) was a wake up call for me. I’m living – but I wasn’t aware of the simple things and those are the most important. Even while I was laying in bed listening to the kids get ready for bed, I couldn’t help but cry because how beautiful they sounded. They are so innocent and young and precious and… mine. Every other night I would get an extra hour in of work while Bill tended to them. Last night I just listened and it was the most beautiful sounds I’ve ever heard.

I might be really emotional right now – who knows?  But I am really going to try to stop taking life for granted. Spring has sprung. New life. New beginning. New me.

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