underWAY has announced that they developed a “scientifically formulated appetite suppressing line of great tasting healthy beverages” currently being tested throughout Ohio. It comes in 3 different flavors (Acai-Pomegranate, Grape and Orange) and Brooke Burke has signed on as their spokesperson.

“I am proud to align myself with a product that provides the first real solution to a common problem faced by everyone – hunger pangs,” said Brooke Burke. “As a busy mother of four children with a hectic work schedule, I try to eat healthy and maintain energy and underWAY gives me an easily portable solution to keep me feeling full through to my next healthy meal or snack.”

underWAY’s key ingredient HeroFiber helps to fill the stomach and reduce hunger pains, allowing dieters to consume less. With 10 (low glycemic) calories per serving and no hidden sugars, sodium or caffeine, underWAY promised to put hunger on hold.

Something you might try out? I’m always nervous about these quick fixes. They never seem to work.

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