You see! This is what happens when a girl is sick for a week. She feels a little better and then suddenly STUFF has to be DONE. Over the weekend, I basically lost it while trying to find a matching pair of shoes. My closet looked like a BOMB dropped in it and I was so tired of having to throw everything out into my room in order to find something decent to wear.

I ran to the store to find shoe boxes and … boy did I find shoe boxes. I bought the whole aisle out. It was odd because they were individually being sold for just over $1 a box. No set packages. I just took them all to be safe.  30 boxes later – here we all are. Organized. Happy. Accomplished.

The only issue I have now are my boots – they don’t fit into the boxes. My boots are lined up alongside the left and right walls of my closet. It’s not as organized as the rest- but for now I am a happy camper.

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