Why am I so excited over a lasagna pan? I mean – come on on! It’s just a non-stick tray of… magic goodness.

If Lasagna is your go-to dish for dinner parties, you’ll love this pan. Its three separate non-stick channels allow cooks to get creative. You can cater to the vegetarians and carnivores at one time in one pan; or make 3 separate night dinners from one batch, keeping each batch pristine and varying the ingredients in each channel. The width and length of the channels is the same as standard lasagna noodles making lasagna building fast and easy, plus with three channels you’ll get more of everyone’s favorites….the edges.

Can you imagine making three different versions of the same dish – catering to everyone’s preferences at once?! Personally, I’m excited about the possibility to make a dish tonight and have a different one tomorrow as left overs. Twice the meals for half the effort.

And oh the crust! The yummy, yummy (best part of the meal) CRUST.

Spoon Sisters, $28

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