I make my own tomato sauce. I’ve been doing it ever since I got married in 2001. However, I don’t always have the 3+ hours it takes to actually put it all together.

There are two pasta sauces that I LOVE and need to share. I am a tomato sauce SNOB – NOT a fan of just any old jar. It has to be authentic tasting and full of flavor because I know what good sauce tastes like (thanks to my Grandmother).

So here are my absolute FAVORITES:


Lucini: From Rustica Tomato Basil to Vodka Sauce – there isn’t a flavor I’ve come across that I don’t like. TRUST ME – you will LOVE this sauce. This has been my favorite GO TO sauce for those lazy days and my family has never complained. This brand also makes a variety of soups which are equally as delicious. It’s more expensive than the RAGUs of the world – but you can get a few meals out of the jar if you take what you need out per meal and then refrigerate the rest.


Recently, my husband brought home Mario Batali Pasta Sauce Tomato Basil and I almost fell off my chair. It was SO GOOD that I made pasta three nights that week. I wanted to finish every last DROP. The kids usually just have pasta with butter and Bill is on this low carb nonsense diet – so it was basically me eating all the penne on my own. I’m not complaining – just letting you know why it took us so long to get through the jar.

SO, there it is – my two picks for great pasta sauce from a jar. Do you have any favorites you’d like to share? Would love to hear the brand names!

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