Genesis Today - DarkChocCacaoWithAcai_Pudding_4pack[1]

Genesis Today Dark Chocolate Pudding

Healthy pudding? Yes – it’s true! From Genesis Today comes these decadent puddings offered in 2 rich flavors, Dark Chocolate Acai Pudding and Dark Chocolate Cacao. Pudding has been made over in this new product that contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, calcium, amino acids, protein and fiber in one single serving size cup! Oh – did we mention dark chocolate? Oh-so-dreamy – this pudding packs a powerful punch, as it brightens your mood with theobromine found naturally in chocolate, and is loaded with antioxidants from both the acai berry and the cacao. In addition, the pudding contains no high fructose corn syrup and no fat. Love it! To purchase, visit Genesis Today for their store locator or buy online.

*Company sent a sample for this review.*

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