I’ve always known that my family was a little insane. Whenever we get together it’s just mayhem. People are screaming at one another about religion or politics, drinking until they can’t stand anymore or doing off-the-wall dares that only college fraternity hazing parties know about.

Yesterday, during our Mother’s Day celebration, my cousin Erica said she saw a few YouTube videos where kids try to down a shot of cinnamon. WHY cinnamon? Because your body basically immediately rejects it. It is too dry and burns if you try to swallow it in large quantities. What does my family do after hearing this? They run to the kitchen to try it out! Oh my word. And those of us who were too scared to give it a go surrounded them and cheered the whole thing on! LOL! If you think my Queens accent is bad – wait until you hear the rest of the females in that basement.

Bill ACTUALLY DID IT! I couldn’t believe it.

Oh – and don’t miss out on the ‘Spartacus’ reference towards the end. There wasn’t a person in that room that isn’t obsessed with that Stars series!!

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