Tonight Bill and I have a sitter and we are actually going to go to… THE MOVIES! WHAT?! The last movie I saw was Avatar (when it first came out – many moons ago). I’m super excited and can’t decide what we should see. I am like a man when it comes to entertainment. I’m ALL ABOUT big budget – action packed films. I won’t see a movie if I know it’s going to make me cry. So – keeping that in mind – do you have any recommendations?

It’s really between Robin Hood and Iron Man 2. Which do you think will be better?? I am protesting Nightmare on Elm Street because I LOVED that movie growing up and I don’t want to see it ruined with a remake.


In other movie related news, I was invited to preview Sex and the City 2 the day before it comes out!!! I am DYING. Taking my friend Sylvia. We are going to grab dinner after I get her from work and then head over to the theatre for the film. I have ants in my pants just thinking about it!!! I will let you all know how great it is after I see it. OMG  – Aidan’s back! 🙂

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