My mother told me she saw a chef make a cake using diet coke as a substitute for the oil and eggs that you would add to a mix from the box. This was very intriguing to me!!!! She came over last night to watch the kids so Bill and I can have a date night and then made the cake which actually tasted good. We used seltzer instead of diet coke because I’m not a fan of diet products.

Here’s the recipe (and you are going to laugh at how easy it is to make).

Click on the continue reading link below to see the full recipe (showing my kids in action).


Pour the cake mix box and a can of seltzer into your mixer… and mix.


Take a pint of strawberries and cut up half of them. Put them in the mixer and toss together. Place in pan and follow directions from box for baking.


Let the kids have some fun with the spoon.




After it cools, put icing and decorate with whole strawberries.


By the time I came home… this is what the cake looked like. My mother gave the kids free range.

Have a recipe you want to share? I would love an invite inside YOUR kitchen!! Please send recipe along with picture step by step instructions. Looking forward to seeing your dish.

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