Oh Vey! These calorie and fat counts are so HIGH. How can a chicken burrito and chips be 1,700 calories! I can’t stand this!! Here’s Dr. Oz’s top 6 meals to avoid at all costs:

1. Breakfast Sandwich (Eggs, sausage and cheese, wrapped in a giant pancake. Plus butter, syrup, ketchup): 973 mg of cholesterol.
2. Chicken Burrito and Chips: Nearly 1,700 Calories.
3. Fish Encrusted in Parmesan Cheese with Side of Spicy Rice: 3,300 mg of sodium.
4. Pepperoni and Meatball Pizza (Full pizza): Approximately 953 grams of fat.
5. Pasta with Breaded Shrimp: 196 Grams of Carbs.
6. Ice Cream with Mix-Ins (Candy, brownie bits, sprinkles and sauce) : 1,344 Grams of Sugar.

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